For a Man, when it comes for making a choice, he is super quick. But when he has a girlfriend, sometimes it becomes difficult for him to make a choice! here are 10 things that a man will never tell you.

1They like girly things

even nails and smooth skin are signs that a man looks after himself, and women like that. Men also love watching women’s TV shows just to relax. They just hide it well because "guys won’t understand." Chick flicks are often enjoyed by men.

2Admit they don't know how to do something

They need to be strong and smart in front of their lady, whether or not they have any idea of how to repair a hairdryer. "Being a man" in the eyes of a woman is very important for them.

3Check out another girl while on an outing with you

If you are going somewhere with your boyfriend and if he wants to praise any girl for her manners, then they won't dare because he knows you will kill him right away. The only way he can praise any girl is in his heart.

4How we look is important for them

As they say, Men love with eyes first. Every one of them wants to see the women they love in a "smart sexy" style where their image is both elegant and sexy but devoid of vulgarity.

5They love confident girls

It’s hard to believe, but self-assurance makes a woman much more physically attractive. That’s why a man would rather choose a charismatic yet overly curvaceous girl over a top model with confidence issues.

6They like compliments

They need words of affection and warm looks just as we do, and such little things can change everything. Men want to know they didn’t waste time choosing the right outfit before seeing you.

7They are the masters of hiding feelings

The climax of a romantic movie that moves any girl to tears can affect a man in the same way. The only difference is that he’ll gruffly say you’re watching some nonsense and wipe his eyes furtively.

8They can get jealous

Why not? Men aren’t the ones to express their feelings openly, and when one of them sees his girlfriend flirting with another guy, he won’t give away a single emotion. Believe us, though, inside he’s bubbling with a whole lot of them.

9They can't afford something

A man just can’t tell his girlfriend he can’t afford something even if he really can't.

10Their phobias

Being a man , one is not supposed to reveal his fears. Men won’t tell you they’re afraid of the dark or spiders so as not to show their weakness.

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