Kids are funny. These little creatures look like us, talk like us, and seem to be little sponges. They soak up whatever is around them and seem to regurgitate the embarrassing things at just the wrong time, or maybe it is the right time depending on who is listening. If you spend more time with them you may soon be very surprised. Here are some inventive ideas by kids which surely need to be patented right away.

1 Is the sound low? Jennifer has the solution


2 This is how this guy tracks positions during Nascar

3 This boy made his own home theater

4 Multi Tasking Like A Pro

Carrie Deacon

5 When the best stand is your feet


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6 She will never drop the book in the tub again

7 Now the spoon will never fall into soup or porridge


8 She does not have to stop playing while she drinks

9 Brilliant!

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10 An ingenious invention for the allergy season


11 Now the pencil does not roll off the table


12 How to watch movies on a bunk bed


13 This boy invented an air-draft vehicle

14 An ingenious concept for attaching napkins

15 Built a roof to ride in the rain


16 The son made mom a birthday cake

Joy Mettam

17 This little Pokéntrepreneur Started a Business to Keep “Pokemon Go” Players Safe in the Streets

18 New hands-free iPad technology

19 In the absence of a hammock this young boy used ropes as an alternative


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