Can't Swim? Kim Kardashian has got an idea to keep you floating in Water,

If you are not an expert swimmer, or simply do not know how to swim, the invention which we present will do for you: One of the most notable items in the collection of the recently dropped line of new Kimoji and corresponding IRL accessories was a butt-shaped pool float, which is based on an image of Kim's very own behind in a black thong bikini bottom.

an inflatable shaped backside, perfect to take to the beach or pool.

This new float is basically an inflatable mattress that costs "only" 98 US dollars, which will allow you to float happy sitting comfortably on one of the most famous backsides in the world.

The Nifty businesswoman Kardashian did not miss the opportunity to mass produce her trademark. In addition to the pool float, she has offered butt-emblazoned wrapping paper, phone cases, phone chargers, and more. Kudos to her marketing team.

Kim seems to be thrilled with the way the Internet is exploding over the float. She retweeted several articles and fans' tweets about the float, as well as some of the other merch.

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