as it is said, necessity is the mother of all inventions, people are sometimes forced to make do with what they have. And as we know condoms are comparitively cheap. Condoms don’t just help in giving you pleasure; it can also get you food and light up some fire. Yes! Condoms can do a lot more than what we expect of them. Here are 10 unusual uses of condoms which are surely going to leave you shocked.

1Fishing with Condoms in Cuba

How inventive Cubans are hunting expensive fish using condoms. Dozens of men can be found “balloon fishing” along the Havana seawall at night, using their homemade floats to carry their lines as far as 900 feet into the coastal waters.

2Wine Making

Love sipping wine? Condoms are used to make it . Yes you read it right. Estevez (the master brain behind using condoms in wineries) and his family fill the glass jugs with grapes, ginger and hibiscus, then slip a condom over each glass neck to start the process of fermentation. The condoms slowly inflate as the fruity mix ferments and produces gases. When the contraceptive is fully inflated, they know that the fermentation is done and the wine is ready to serve.

3As a water Container

including condoms in survival kits is not a new idea. They make amazing compact water containers that can hold as much as 2 liters of water if handled properly. They are, after all, designed to be water tight. The elasticity of latex condoms is SHOCKING.

4Fashion Industry

Nowadays, condoms are also used to display dress designs on dummy models. Condoms are used in the most innovative manner to create a funky dress or a quirky style.

5As a Slingshot

This will surely be useful when you go on an adventure trip into the woods. A condom can be used to make a slingshot weapon to get you some food when you get lost in a dense forest.

6Shower caps

Why not? I mean we sure do have shower caps that are much better looking and comfortable than the condoms, but you can always use this as a substitute if you don’t find one.

7Fire Starter

This may give you a shock, but its true! Condoms can be used to set fire as they are extremely flammable. When you hit a condom full or dry leaves and twigs with an open flame it will burn instantly.

8Acne Meditation

Yes! You read that right! Apparently, the lubricant on condoms can help you get a clear skin by letting you get rid of acne. Infact, Cambodian sex workers often use condoms to clean up their acne.
Kinda weird isn't it?

9First Aid

Worse case scenario, a condom can be used as a crude rubber glove while dealing with any first aid related issues. It will protect the wound from your nasty hands as well as protect you from the wound if you’re dealing with someone else.

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