A rage Room is all you need when you are stressed or Angry

"Rage rooms" allow people feeling angry to smash away their troubles.

They are called rage room and the rooms are specially made to be destroyed. How many times in a period of stress we ended up having the need to vent our frustrations? These are in America where,after paying, you will be armed with baseball bat and you can destroy everything: windows, televisions, furniture, objects, giving vent to anger. Prices range from $ 20 to $ 200 for 45 minutes in a room, you can choose the music you prefer and once worn gloves, goggles and protective suit, the destruction can start.

You can smash things, hurl paint and scream in rooms that let people to 'be the bad guy without getting arrested'.

Here's a video that shows how these actually work rage room , which in America are depopulating much that it is now considered as a therapy for stress: