A butt, a pencil and a great aim. A new challenge is taking the Internet

If there is something we can highlight of the younger generations and the time they invest in their smartphones is the ability and ingenuity they have to be able to devise increasingly irreverent challenges. Seriously , it seems that their creativity exploded when using Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook to develop increasingly difficult and entertaining missions. Much in the past were the Ice Bucket, Cinnamon, Mannequin and Bottle Flip challenges. What you take the internet now is Pen Flip Booty Flip Challenge.

Quiet, so many names in English may seem confusing, but the explanation is simple:

Pen Flip challenged you to hit a pencil at a long distance, but this young woman decided to use her hidden talents and take it further: Booty Flip (turn with the back), which involves striking the pen with the buttocks and make it Fall into the trash. This video will illustrate better:

It is not another common challenge, it is not another common challenge ...