Do not know why, but we always think of the rarest things in the least expected places. In the elevator, sitting in the bathroom, in full test (which coincidentally is usually a very important where we needed concentration) or in the shower. These are really weird ideas that most of us are ashamed to share ...

... but then you give more turns, and the absurd happens to be very logical ... and very deep! And when you told someone, they say sometimes they had also thought about it , you suddenly become a genius! And you realize that I am not the only one: we are many.

If it has happened to you too, you will enjoy these 13 thoughts and yes, they will leave you thinking about them tooodo the day.

1If you are over 30, you have been alive since before the birth of all the dogs that exist today in the world


2We laughed at those who photographed their food for Instagram, but we forgot that during the Renaissance many artists were doing the same


3Every time we ordered half chicken at some restaurant, we are sharing our meal with some stranger


4Condoms are one of the most environmentally friendly man-made inventions. Only one of them eliminates the carbon emissions of a human during tooooda his life


5It could be that the space in which your kitchen is now placed, millions of years ago was the place where two dinosaurs had a battle of life and death


6You do not really fear being alone at home or in a forest ... what you're afraid of is NOT being alone


7If someone had a dollar for every year that the universe has existed (approximately 13.8 billion), it would still not be among the top 50 of the Forbes list of millionaires


8Since we were little kids we were taught not to communicate with strangers on the Internet and not to get on cars of strangers ... with Uber we literally meet strangers on the Internet and we get on their cars


9If football did not exist, Messi would be just a normal man. Maybe you are the best player in the world of a sport that does not exist, and that is why you are a normal man


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