How nice sometimes to think, visiting some ancient castle or other interesting sites that somewhere here, behind a wall or bookcase, hiding secret rooms, narrow corridors, dark cellars, which no one even suspects.They meanwhile kept a grim history, the secrets of bygone days, caches years hiding its contents from prying eyes. Do you think that all this is highly unlikely, and is most often just a figment of the imagination being enacted? What if we tell you that even in some of the world famous places behind walls hidden secret rooms, which most people do not know anything.

1Cinderella's secret room

Walt Disney World - a place where magic reigns and where fairy tale characters come to life before our eyes. All the secrets of this amazing place, of course, it is better not to reveal, but one thing we still tell. For example, in the castle of Cinderella there is a secret room with a soft bed and a sofa, as well as a Jacuzzi, a stained glass window, and even a gold-plated fireplace. Absolutely any family that visited Disneyland, can remain in the room for the night absolutely free. Who exactly will be lucky decides park employee who chooses from any crowd he liked the family.

2Secret room in Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore carved portraits of 4 American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teodora Ruzvelta and Abraham Lincoln. And for the last hiding his head room, which stores the entire history of the United States. Unfortunately, it is closed and tourists were not allowed there, but that it created the project "Mount Rushmore" Gutzon Borglum started his chronicle work, painstakingly documenting the United States history.

3Secret room in the arch at Washington Square

In New York, Washington Square is a beautiful white arch. Hidden inside the room through which you can even get on the roof of the magnificent building. But first you have to go through a real quest, you will need to find a small door that opens a passage in the narrow tunnel. After going through it, you will come to a metal spiral staircase that takes you to the attic. It was with him and you can get to the roof, which offers a truly wonderful view.

4Secret halls of the Egyptian pyramids

Today, thanks to modern technology, scientists can scan the construction of Egyptian pyramids and create a detailed map of all the halls in them. So, when studying the Cheops pyramid, it turned out that inside there is a hidden hall, 120 meters high, which was previously unknown. However, this secret room was not the only one, but the largest.

5Necropolis under the Vatican

The ancient city of the Vatican and already keeps a lot of secrets, but now they will be one less. It turns out that there are secret archives of the Pope to visit that can only be with the permission of the pontiff. In addition, virtually under the Vatican there is a huge city of the dead, where, presumably, Apostol Petr is buried.

6Secret Apartment Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower - one of the most iconic structures in the world, but did you know that on top of it there is a luxurious apartment where he lived just a single person - the creator of the construction architect Gyustav Eyfel. Whatever money or offered to the rich at that time, to buy him this apartment, a French engineer on what does not agree. Rent an apartment can not be still, but at least you can just visit them.

7Secret floor Empire State Building

The majestic building has long become a symbol of New York, too, has its own secrets. Religious building is fraught with a whole floor, safely hidden from the eyes of the public. This floor is under the number 103 is kept secret, and get to it will not work without a special invitation. Just imagine how breathtaking scenery opens from the windows of the upper floors, but unfortunately, there are a mere mortal is unlikely to ever visit. But if you suddenly become famous and very influential person, then you definitely will have a chance to look at the city from a height of 103 floor Empire State Building!

8Magic room at Hogwarts

This theme park simply must be full of all sorts of secret passages and secret rooms. And one of them in the School of Sorcery and Magic is definitely there. It is about her narrates one of the books about Harry Potter. Of course, it does not hide behind it basilisks, phoenixes or ghosts, but here you can always relax or drink water.

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