8 Deepest Caves In The World

There are several fairly deep caves, and more than 85% of the discovered to date are above sea level!

But these ten: they are the deepest in the world, and some of them are so deep that they can be investigated and understood only with the help of radar equipment, since no one person would not be able to survive them ...


Cave Krubera (Krubera Cave), Abkhazia depth - 2199 m

Cave Krubera is also called Crow cave, it is the deepest in the world today, and every time kto-to down into it with the help of sonar, it is becoming deeper and deeper . Krubera Cave is the only known cave, the depth of which is more than 2 kilometers.


Snow Cave, Abkhazia depth - 1753 m

Cave Snow - a generalization of the name of the cave system, which consists of interconnected caves: "Snow," "low-flow", "Illusion".


Cave Lamprechtsofen (Lamprechtsofen Cave), Austria depth - 1632 m

This cave, which is known and studied from 1701, but soon after its discovery it was bricked up to prevent the invasion of treasure hunters, who were trying to get to it, after hearing the legends of wealth, hidden knight named Lamprecht, who returned from the Crusades.


Cave Mirolda (Gouffre Mirolda), France depth - 1626 m

Cave Mirolda (Gouffre Mirolda)was considered the deepest cave Mirolda in the world, but over time were found deeper cave systems, which you will find below.


Cave Jean-Bernard (Jean Bernard Caves), France depth - 1602 m

The cave is situated in the Alps and has the vysokoraspolozhenny entrance into the world. She is also quite profound, but it goes without saying that as soon as she was on the list.


Cave Tork del Cerro (Torca Del Cerro Del Cuevón), Spain depth - 1589 m

Cave system Tork del Cerro - a system consisting of two interconnected deep crevices. In addition, it is a deep chasm, which took away the lives of many cavers.


Cave of Sima de la Kornis (Sima De La Cornisa), Spain depth - 1507 m

This cave system is renowned for its 28-Mew Neanderthal skeletons found in one of the deepest parts of the cave. But how they got there without the equipment that we have today, still remains one of the greatest mysteries of the world.


Cave Czechs II (Čehi 2), Slovenia depth - 1502 m

In Slovenia, all caves are considered to be national property and are protected by law, even if it turned out that they are located on land privately owned!