7 Bizarre Festivals On Earth that are absolutely sick

You might be familiar with a number of holidays usually celebrated all of the world like New Year, Christmas, Easter and Halloween etc. But there are also certain less heard unusual holidays and festivals celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and zeal. Here are 6 unusual festivals on the earth.


Throwing Baby Tradition

India is is a diverse land with various cultures and traditions which are unique in itself. One of them is throwing babies from 50 feet tower. Carried out in Maharashtra and Karnataka, , where they pick up a toddler and toss it down the building. The babies are caught in sheets held by other villagers on ground.


Crying Baby Festival - Japan

Naki Sumo Mitsuri is one of the strangest festivals we’ve come across so far. Naki Sumo is a baby crying festival, and if you will, competition. It’s a 400-year-old tradition that is said to keep rug-rats in good health. The festival itself involves two sumo wrestlers holding a baby each as a referee puts on grotesque masks in an attempt to make the babies cry. The toddler who cries the longest and loudest is declared the winner. The origin or even the purpose of this festival ranges from unknown to redundant.


Swallowing Live Fish (Belgium)

The Krakelingen festival which is celebrated in Geraardsbergen of Belgium on February entails a very queer ritual. Here, the people drink red wine with a difference- by drinking alive the grondeling fishes that are doused in the wine. Apart from this bizarre drinking session, this festival marks the hurling of bread rolls.


Baby Jumping Festival - Spain

This is one of Spain’s more weird annual festivals which has taken place in the Province of Burgos since 1621. During the act, known as El Salto del Colacho (the devil’s jump) or simply El Colacho, men dressed as the Devil (known as the Colacho) jump over babies born during the previous twelve months of the year who lie on mattresses in the street. The festival has been rated as one of the most dangerous in the world. The origins of the tradition are unknown but it is said to cleanse the babies of original sin, ensure them safe passage through life and guard against illness and evil spirits.


Near Death Festival - Spain

Each year on the 29th of July in the quaint little town of Las Nieves, Spain, a very strange and morbid festival takes place. It’s the Near Death Festival in which anyone who has had a near death experience jumps into a coffin which is carried to the church Santa Marta De Ribarteme. I bet a few people try their luck with that one to save themselves a walk. It’s a plan that could backfire though; if you don’t have enough pall-bearers to carry your coffin, you have to lug it all the way to the church yourself , maybe a bit harsh on your


Monkey Buffet Festival - Thailand

The Lopburi province in Thailand has the reputation of being a unique place with a public buffet for the monkeys. It is basically a ritual to the honour of the Hindu god Hanuman who has monkey origins and devotees lay out loads of fruits and vegetables on the open air tables. And quite predictably it scene becomes messy as the monkeys attack the buffet!


Donkey Stoning (Spain)

Tragically, unlike goat throwing, this one is very much still alive in Spain. Every year the community of Villanueva de la Vera in Spain drag a donkey through the streets, jeering at it, slapping it, hitting it with rocks and even exploding firecrackers between its legs. When it falls over they drag it up and start again until the poor beast dies in horrible pain.

Did they make you feel why?