6 Things That You Should Never Tell A Guy

Have you ever said something that you IMMEDIATELY wish you could "take back"? A healthy relationship is to be able to share everything with your partner, just speak what comes to your mind. But there are some situations in life when it is much better to fake a little to avoid unnecessary pain and for that you have to take note of the situations you should either shut up or try to be nice with your man.

Take a look at the 6 things that you should not utter to your guy.


Nothing!... I'm Fine ok?

Gals, stop saying this.... when you have something to tell him, just say it.


You remind me of my ex!

Remember that this is no compliment! and no guy is going to like this comparison. So one must avoid saying this to a guy.


Why are you still single?

when a guy ask you this, don't ever say guys don't ask me out or I just never get approached. It needs a much better answer.


Come on... I hate lies and flatteries!

When he gives you a compliment, please don't insult it or ignore it. Just accept it! Simple!


Your friend is trying to flirt with me

Your guy may not believe this and will accuse you of trying to ruin his friendship. Sometimes if he believed you this can be a reason for an argument later.


Now it's all my fault, right?

Well, you can't say whose fault it is, but saying this, is certainly your fault. Either try to convince him what his fault is or if it is yours, kindly admit it and please..! avoid these cliche dialogues.

It is said that when you treat a woman correctly, she becomes 10 times the woman she was before. The same is applicable with Men. So treat your Man well!