911 indicates emergency like we all know it. Well some people aren't exactly clear on what constitutes an emergency...and when they call in the midst of a busy schedule, the conversation can be annoying as hell. But here we have a few adorably cute kids calling 911.
just one call like this will totally make their day as a deputy.

1The little girl who just needed to tell someone about her Disney On Ice experience


She thought 911 would be the best option.

2This innocent boy having trouble with his math


When his mother told him to "call a grown-up" if he needed help. He just took it very literally. He just called 911 and asked a dispatcher to help him with his take away problems.

3Revenge for not getting oreo


Police thought they were responding to a domestic violence call when a 7-year-old boy called 911 and said his mother threw a knife at him.
“Cathy is throwing stuff at my face and I almost died, and she threw a knife at me,” the boy told the dispatcher, according to KSL-TV.
The dispatcher asked for Cathy’s age and wanted to know her relation to the boy. “She’s my birth mom,” the boy answered. The dispatcher then told the boy that a police officer was going to come over and talk to him. When the police officers arrived, they found no signs of abuse. They discovered that the boy called the police on his mother when she refused to give him any more Oreo cookies.

4A ten-year-old who abruptly hung up creating a lot of tension


A ten-year-old Brockton, Massachusetts, boy called 911, then abruptly hung up. When the dispatcher called back, she discovered the problem: Much to the boy's annoyance, his mother was insisting that he go to bed.

5 The 2-year-old girl with a pant emergency


Aaliyah Garrett from South Carolina needed help putting on her pants, she declared it an emergency and called 911. When the officials arrived a half-dressed Aaliyah hopped up behind her grandfather and waved vigorously to the deputy, all the while trying to put on her pants. Deputy Lohnes sat Aaliyah down and helped her out, one leg at a time.

6 A 5-year-old who mentioned her need to change her jammies and top while her dad had a cardiac difficulty.


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