There are a lot of intriguing small towns in the world that you may want to visit. Some of these may not be as fascinating but the story behind it would really capture your attention. Check out these 15 kooky and unusual towns in the world that actually exist.

1Chinese Dwarf Village

The Chinese Dwarf Village is located in Kunming, Yunnan, China and it is also called the Kingdom of Little People. It is a small township community that’s been specifically designed for little people. In its incredible tiny wonderland, the smaller size residents can feel equal and comfortable without attracting those rude second looks.

2The Villages –Florida

The Villages in Florida is the largest and friendliest gated retirement community in the world. It is home for more than 100,000 people aged over 55 and has a ban on children. It is also said that The Villages has a secret and it is a kind of secret you may not want to hear from your dear old grandparents. The community has been dubbed Disney World for old people. There are more golf cars in this community than cars.

3Battleship Island

The Battleship Island or known as Hashima Island is an abandoned island about 15 kilometers from the city of Nagasaki in Southern Japan. It is completely walled in by a fake battleship and it was uninhabited for decades. The town has turned into a tourism phenomenon. The island was disused for many years but tourists still flock there for a spooky tour.

4Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de las Bodegas is a town in the province of Cadiz, Spain. It is famous for its dwellings built into rock overhangs above the Rio Trejo. In census 2005, the city has a population of 3,016 inhabitants. Its antipodal city is actually Auckland, New Zealand. Residents in the lower part of the town live in caves-like structure built into a gorge that has rock formations. The town is also famous for its cultivation of Mediterranean foods and its cafes which serves amazing local chorizo. Almonds and olives.

5Thames Town

Thames Town is a little village that looks like a sweet little English town with picturesque row-housed lined cobblestone streets, pretty and old churches and even red telephone booths too. It actually feels like you are somewhere in Europe but Thames Town is actually found in the suburbs of the Songjiang District near Shanghai, China. The replica town was completed in 2006 and became famous for being the backdrop for English-themed wedding photography.


The Miyakejima is an island town in the Izy group, southeast of Honshu, Japan. The residents are paid by the government to live there and this is because the town is situated at the base of an active volcano so the people living there were exposed to unnaturally high levels of sulfur. It is only fair that they would be compensated because living there comes with a risk of being poisoned. The people often wear gas masks to endure the toxic air.

7Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City

The Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City had the highest human population density anywhere on the planet. An estimated of 50,000 people were said to live there within its walls. Kowloon was originally a military fort but British forces commandeered in 1898. When China announced intentions to claim it, refugees poured in by the thousands and the British couldn’t evict them so they pulled out.


Roswell is a city in New Mexico with a population of 48,411 as of the 2010 census making it the fifth largest city in New Mexico. It is popularly known for its name attached to 1947 Roswell UFO incident. This town is all mad for all things extraterrestrial as everyone believes a UFO crash landed in the town during the 1940’s and ever since then they’ve molded the town to fit the phenomenon. UFO Tourism attracts many travelers. Many travelers love the UFO themed alien zone shop, crashing at local motels and wearing their tin foil hats to the annual summer UFO festival. Even the local Mcdonald’s is shaped like a flying saucer.

9Egyptian Slum Town

The Egyptian Slum Town looks like an aftermath of a natural disaster because every square inch is covered with rotting garbage collected from the nearby city of Cairo. The town has 60,000 inhabitants. The town’s entire economy revolves around the collection and recycling of Cairo’s garbage.


Colma is known as the City of Silent because it has a lot of cemeteries. It is a small incorporated town in San Mateo County, California. It actually has a Jewish, Chinese and Pet cemeteries. With most of Colma’s land dedicated to cemeteries, the population of the dead even outnumbered the living by over a thousand to one.


Elista is a Russian City and the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, Russia. The city’s designers and architects were so obsessed with Chess, the games of kings that they based the entire town around this theme. Travelers who wish to visit are suggested to definitely head to the Chess city, the dome complex that once hosted the 1998 Chess Olympiad. They also has a giant chess board painted in the street if you want to put your game on the street. Many famous chess players have visited Elista and it is the only Buddhist region in Europe and has a world-renowned Museum of Buddhist art.


The Gibsonton in Hillsborough County, Florida, is both a home base and retirement destination for hundreds of America’s carnival and circus folk. The Florida town also called Showtown honor circus culture and many of its very interesting citizens. If you want to hear fascinating tales about the town’s colorful local characters, stop by Showtown Bar and Grill and if you are a member of the circus community, the town permits folks to leave circus trailers and elephants on the lawn.


The Monowi is the smallest jurisdiction in the United States of America. It is an incorporated village in Boyd County, Nebraska. The very interesting about this town is that according to the 2010 census, it only has a population of just one person. In the 1930’s, the town had a population of about a hundred and fifty but today only a 77 year old Elsie Eiler lives there. Elsie is Ben Ali’s clerk treasurer, head of counsel and she runs the town’s only tavern and library. She is also the Mayor of the town.

14Coober Pedy

The Coober Pedy is a unique and one of a kind town in Australia that is almost completely underground. Its underground structures are made from old abandoned mines. The town is world famous for the gorgeous and beautiful opal’s mine there. It is known to be very cool and a relaxed place to live.


The Whittier is a city in Southern California with a population of 85,331 at the 2010 census. The inhabitants live inside a single 14 story building called baggage towers but the rest live in their cars, trucks, boats or in the one other similar building. This unique town was built in 1956 and it originally served as an Alaskan army barracks. But today, it is just a thriving town with the police station, post office, church, video rental shop, playground and health center and all of these are located inside the building. In order to get to the town it is either by sea or by driving through four kilometers single lane tunnel which only opens twice a day. It also closes at night.

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