The Internet can teach a lot. And not always useful. Yes, dear video bloggers, we are looking at you. And on terabytes of your videos of different levels of absurdity. Do not know what to spend your free time on? Then welcome to the world where the make-up is made with boiled eggs and bread, use chips instead of blush, and chocolate instead of bronzer. Such lessons of makeup you have not seen!

1Ideal to paint her eyebrows with a fork

The ideal form of a light element home accidents.

2Use chips and cheetos instead of fashionable in this season of orange blush or shadows

Cheap, cheerful and even tasty

3Apply makeup using pepper

What? But it is natural.

4Or do a manicure with a pepper. Literally.

Very appetizing, right?

5Wash off makeup with shaving foam

After all, who does not dream of looking like Santa Claus?

6Learn how to turn into a mannequin with 100 layers of foundation on your face

7Mix the foundation on the iPhone7 surface

8Or self-tanning

9Use cherries as blush

10Or a liquid matte lipstick

These lips are designed for kissing

11Contouring a piece of bread

But she could become a sandwich ...

12Or the hard-boiled egg

13Use a tampon instead of a brush or a makeup sponge ...

14... and even worse than that

15And, of course, learn how to make a face mask from green tea that will make you look like a ninja turtle

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