How many of these have you been through?
The first time we live something, regardless of what it is, marks us forever. Many times it is impossible to forget it and although there are several experiences that are not so positive, most of them teach us a lesson for future. These are some of the first times that all women ever face in our lives. We wanted to focus on the positive , because although there is a whole dimension of negative things (like the first time you experience gender violence or sexism in any of its forms), there are also nice things that happen to us in life.

1 The first kiss

2Your first job

3Your first periods

4The first butterflies in stomach

5Your first torturing of someone

6The first time you did something great and recieved applause for your hard work

7The first time you did not need to ask anyone for advice and you decided alone

8The first time you hated your body

9Your first date

10The first time you got drunk

11The first time you had sex

12That First Breakup

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