We all know of animals with jobs. There are guard dogs, carriage horses, plowing oxen. However, there are more unusual animals that have attained some very peculiar jobs. Come see how we harness these animals’ special abilities and use them to help make the world a better place. Meet 11 animals that know how to go through a decent day's work.

1Dog Model

Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu named Bodhi earn 15 thousand dollars a month? Bodhi is known as a talented model, working under the pseudonym Menswear Dog. The owners of the dog, fashion Jena Kim and David Fung, stylish outfit for the first time in its 2013 "for fun." But Bodhi liked wearing fashionable clothes, and he was happy to pose for photos. The pair published photos on social networks, instantly making Bodhi superstar. Today Menswear Dog has a Facebook page with more than 200,000 subscribers, more than 254,000 subscribers in Instagram and almost 10,000 followers on Twitter, as well as a very busy schedule. The dog is often involved in the campaigns of brands such as Coach, Victorinox Swiss Army, American Apparel, Hudson Shoes and Purina. Also it published a photo shoot in GQ magazine, Time, Esquire and Fast Company, and he spoke at a dog New York Fashion Week. Bodhi tries himself as a writer, his first book was published in 2015, called Menswear Dog and presents new classics a fresh look at modern man.

2Dog mayor

Sometimes the animals are good politicians. At least in certain of the inhabitants of the small town of Sunol, California. It lives less than 1,000 people, and in 1981 two of them put up their candidates for the position of mayor, which would allow the election winner to represent the interests of Sunol on district assemblies. The closer is the choice, the more voters are disappointed in the candidates that were unfair fight. One local resident Brad Leber jokingly said that his dog Bosco can beat these two, if his name will be on the ballot. Townspeople appreciated the humor, and since they all knew and loved a good-natured dog, they wrote the name on the ballot, and elected a new mayor. Elections in Sunol caused a great response, and Chinese media wrote about it as a proof of the decline of American democracy. But there is no decline in Sunol did not happen. The mayor liked to walk through the town and gladly talked with voters, sometimes running into the tavern snack. Bosco was in office for 13 years, and in 1994 when the dog died, the grateful residents have put a monument to him.


Capybara Cheesecake - a beautiful nurse and educator for dogs. She settled in the "Rocky Ridge" animal shelter in Arkansas running Janis Wolf in 2010. Capybara immediately began to serve as a surrogate mother for the puppies, which were brought there or who were born there.

4Weasel-cleaner in a scientific laboratory

In 1971, scientists at the National Accelerator Laboratory (NAL) there was a problem: the new Laboratory Meson NAL almost build, but its pipeline through which had to fly subatomic particles, was dirty. There accumulated become tiny particles, dust and debris from the interior of pipes. At first, the scientists wanted to create a mechanical cleaner, but it was too expensive. Instead, the British physicist Robert Sheldon visited another idea: a ferret!

5Protein-water skier

Twiggy - gray squirrel, which skillfully water skiing. In fact, such a lot of protein, and they are satisfied with the show 9 months of the year, not only pleasing the audience, but also to promoting safety on the water. Twiggy became the first protein, which in 1978 found the spouses Chuck and Lu Enn Best. Chuck just recently bought my daughter a boat on the remote control for the entertainment and taught a squirrel standing on water skis. Twiggy showed a lot of talent in this sport, and Best began to organize the show. Twiggy's popularity grew, and protein-skiers was invited to shoot in film, commercials and music videos. The most famous appearance of Twiggy on the screen - in the comedies "Dodgeball" and "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy." Unfortunately, Chuck is dead, but Lu Enn continues to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned squirrels, teaching new Twiggy.

6Horse-master rehabilitation

One of the patients did not leave her room for six months. But after meeting with Magic, she went to the lobby to wait for the horse to the next scheduled day of visit. Another woman did not say a word for three years, but started talking to the horse on the first day of the meeting and since then has not stopped talking. Through these and many other stories Magic Time magazine included among the 10 most heroic animals in history. And this is only one award received little horse with great talent care. Magic is part of a group of more than a dozen miniature horses that provide therapeutic services in Florida, about 45 000 people a year.

7Marmot-weather forecaster

Groundhog Phil in Pennsylvania know everything. He and his predecessors predict the duration of the winter 1886. But not everyone has heard about a competitor Phil from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. His name is Jimmy, and he just whispers 2 February mayor what to expect Americans from the remaining winter months. Jimmy first started to perform his duties in 1948 after centuries of Wisconsin. The life span of a marmot in captivity is between nine to fourteen years of age, so the position is constantly gaining new Jimmy marmot. And all went well until February 2, 2015 marmot, probably not very pleased with the fact that he was awakened so early, instead, to whisper a prediction bit of the mayor's ear. As a result, co-driver brawler, Jimmy XII, gives its forecasts through the cell.

8Military dolphins

The U.S. Navy has been training dolphins and sea lions to patrol the coast, and identify and tag (even trap) divers. Other dolphins were trained to detect explosives and mines, then tag them for the navy to locate.

9Cable-laying & pipe-cleaning ferrets

Ferrets are some of the smartest animals on the planet, making them very trainable. Their small size is also very useful, as they can be used to access areas humans cannot. British Telephone used them to run cables, Boing used them to lay down wires, and Fermilab had a ferret that would clean an accelerator’s pipes!

10Elephant cinematographers

During the filming of the documentary “Tiger – Spy in the Jungle”, the BBC used trained elephants to carry cameras around or place them in strategic locations in order to capture tigers on film. Tigers are known to shy away from humans, and avoiding human presence seemed to help them lose their shyness and be caught on film. However, that the elephants were earning peanuts...

11Minesweeping bees

If moths weren't enough, it seems that a Croatian researchers trained bees to find landmines by mixing TNT with sugar and feeding it to the bees. When released in the wild after training, the bees would converge on certain areas on the ground, indicating that there is probably a landmine there. Bees were chosen because, while rats and dogs can also be used, their weight might trigger the landmines, and the bee’s light weight makes them ideal for the job.

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