Being awesome is a property that not many people are born with, but their actions and deeds in their lifetime make them an example for other to follow and emulate. In this list, we bring to you the 14 most awesome and badass people to ever walk this Earth.

1Gordon Cooper

The project Mercury flights were supposed to be fully automatic, but during the last flight “Flight 7” which was piloted by astronaut Gordon Cooper. Unfortunately, during the end of mission, Flight 7 developed problems like power failure, which forced Cooper to manually control the flight using his knowledge of stars and his wristwatch. He managed to land the spacecraft just 4 miles away from the intended landing target in the Pacific Ocean.

2James Harrison

James Harrison was 14 years old when he underwent a major surgery which required 13 liters of blood to be pumped into him. This led him to pledge to donate blood once he turned 18 and it was found that his blood contained rare antibodies to fight Rhesus disease. Since then, Harrison has donated more than a 1,000 times and saved over 2.4 million lives including that of his own daughter. He started donating in 1954 and his life has been insured for over a million dollars given that his blood his so important.

3Thomas Baker

In the World War II, on July 7, 1944, Thomas Baker and his company was surrounded by atleast 2,000-3,000 Japanese soldiers. Baker ordered his comrades to leave him there with a pistol and 8 bullets. Previously, he had showed exceptional valor by running with a bazooka amidst enemy fire in order to save his company. However, when his comrades returned with help, they found Baker dead against a tree with 8 dead Japanese soldiers around him. He was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

4Jeanne de Clisson

Jeanne de Clisson and her husband Oliver worked for French government and Oliver helped French authorities defend Brittany from English. But his loyalty was doubted and he was captured by King Philip VI and Oliver was beheaded at Les Halles and his head was displayed outside the castle of Bouffay. Jeanne de Clisson was enraged over this injustice and became a pirate and fought for 13 years against French and killed many French sailors and she was so ruthless, she earned the name of “The Lioness of Brittany”. Later she married an English nobleman and settled down in life.

5Simo Häyhä

Simo Hayha was a Finnish sniper who has the record for most kills ever by a sniper in the world. During the winter war against Russia, he served as a sniper against the Red Army and Simo recorded 505 kills during the war. He used a rifle without any telescopic sight and shot bullets in temperatures between -40°C and -20 °C. The enemy finally hit him with a bullet that blew his left cheek and sent him to hospital. Häyhä died at the age of 96.

6Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez

Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez fought in the Vietnam War and has a badass story of valor to tell which got him the Medal of Honor. In 1965, he stepped on a landmine and was blown and flown back to US, where doctors told him that he will not walk again. However, he stood up on his own and despite severe pain, regained the ability to walk and went back to Vietnam in 1968. He jumped from a helicopter to help a 12 man Special Forces team when they were surrounded by about 1000 men, with nothing but a knife and medical bag. When everything was over, even the doctors thought he was dead, but when he was being zipped in the bag, he spat in the face of doctor doing so.

7Leonid Rogozov

27 year old Russian doctor Leonid Rogozov was stationed in Antarctica and suddenly he began to feel sick with abdominal pains with symptoms of appendicitis. He was the only doctor at the base and with no mode of transportation or any help; he had to operate on himself. He performed the surgery with help of some men and it took him 1 hour 45 minutes by looking in a reverse mirror. He recovered in 2 weeks and was back on duty.

8Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Mushashi was a Japanese swordsman who lived in 17th century. In 1604 he challenged the head of Yoshioka School, Yoshioka Seijuro and defeated him in a single strike duel by hitting his arm and crippling him. The master than passed the reins to his brother Yoshioka Denshichiro, who fought a duel with Mushashi and Mushashi again won, by defeating Yoshioka Denshichiro and the school was left with 12 year old Yoshioka Matashichiro as the head. The whole family then gathered archers and swordsmen and set up an ambush. However, Mushashi broke his habit of being late to duels and reached the spot early and defeated the force gathered to beat him and killed Yoshioka Matashichiro, ending the Yoshioka School forever.

9Ching Shih

In 1801, a pirate named Cheng married a prostitute named Sao on condition that Sao will equally share his power and they worked together for 6 years till Cheng died. Sao then took reigns and became the most feared pirate in China’s history. She established a pirate code, named her second husband commander in chief and led a fleet of over 80,000 sailors which was bigger than the country’s navy. Eventually the government entered a truce with her, allowing her to retire with all the money and she opened up a gambling house before dying of old age.

10Peter Freuchen

Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen was one badass man. Not only had he explored one of the coldest places on Earth during the 19th and 20th century, he has one awesome story to tell. He was snow banked during a storm and was covered in ice. He first tried digging using his bare hands. But after exhaustion and hypothermia, he somehow remembered to use his own feces that was frozen, as a chisel and dug his way out. When he reached the camp, he found that his feet were frostbitten, so he used a hammer and pinchers and amputated his fingers without anesthesia.

11Dr. Barry Marshall

Dr. Barry Marshall was the registrar of medicine at the Royal Perth hospital and was working on spiral bacteria and gastritis. He and his associate Robert Warren hypothesized that bacteria H.Pylori caused peptic and gastric ulcer. But at that time, scientists didn’t believe his theory and to prove that he was correct, he drank a petri dish filled with bacteria. He developed ulcers in his stomach. He logged the progress of the disease and eventually treated himself with antibiotics. He ultimately won the Nobel in Medicine for his work.

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