Chef Ben Churchill has been specializing in creating stunning illusions out of desserts that can resemble other foods and everyday objects.

From the making of a simple candy in the form of an apple or toast to edible ashtrays and rotten oranges, the chef surprises the fans of his work with these delicious desserts for the whole family.

1The Chocolate Iron Throne... chocolate sponge coated in silver chocolate, filled with a rich strawberry coulis

2 Olive oil sponge, topped with a mint crumb, served with foamed sweet milk and a toffee sauce.

3Lemon drizzle cake... Lemon sponge, chantilly, lemon gel

4Orange parfait, bubblegum meringue powder...

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5 The cold apple crumble...

6 ashtray dessert...

7 The black forest

8 rose and orange Entremet...

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9 Pear pannacotta, toasted almond granola, dandelion and burdock

10 Nitro Canister Bon Bon...

11 The chocolate buster sword cake with swiss roll log

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12 Ganache filled cookie, charred strawberries, burnt rose gel, coconut

13 Dragon eggs

14 Lemon Pannacotta, filled with a lemon sherbet iced gel and a Green Tea and Jasmine Custard

15 Scotch bonnet infused brownie, chocolate plantpot, chocolate mousse

16 Christmas Carrot Cake

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17 Pumpkin and cinnamon flat mousse, pumpkin gel, ganache...

18 Halloween maple syrup filled brownie tree

19Coconut pannacotta, mango gel

20 Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie filled with Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Soil, Mint Leaves

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21 Chocolate log filled with an orange bavarois, coated in mint 'moss'

22 Chocolate plant pot filled with chocolate mousse, sprouting a chocolate tree, topped with a fluffy matcha foam

23 Fanta orange mousse, chocolate mousse, chocolate plantpot

24 The banana and ginger #GOLDENSNITCH

25 Chocolate and Banana Nuts and Bolts

26 Coconut meringue mushrooms

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27 Blood orange bavarois, brownie, Fanta syrup, sugared lemon balm

28 Vanilla and thyme smoked pannacotta, spiced orange coulis

29 Coffee walnut cake

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