It’s the job of a food stylist to make products look delicious on camera – even if the makeover leaves the meal inedible. Here are 7 tricks that food stylists or photographers use to make it more appealing.

1 Glue and sunscreen instead of milk

When you pour cereal into a bowl of milk, the cereal quickly soaks up the milk and sinks to the bottom. For milk or cereal advertisements, photographers replace the milk with white glue or sunscreen. This allows the cereal to stay on the surface and be easily photographed.

2 Artificial Steam

Don’t even dream that the steam you see in the videos is real, cause it is not. The food pictured is absolutely cold. Heating up a tampon, cotton ball, or sponge is one of the classic “tricks” for steam shots.

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They put cotton ball inside the microwave and then inside the dish….voila, the trick is done!

3 Pink lights to give the reddish look for meat

The LED lamps for meat showcases have a special pink lighting. It gives meat products a more appetizing and fresh look.

4 Makeup sponge instead of meat in tacos

To make the tacos presentable on camera, carefully sliced ​​and soaked in sauce, sponges replace meat to keep the dish in shape.

5 Shaving cream instead of cream

They prefer to use shaving cream as a hack to replicate actual whipped cream since the latter quickly melt under light during filming. we wouldn't even be able to notice the difference.

6 Deodorant To Make Fruit Shiny

No wonder fruit looks so shiny and appetizing in advertisements. Photographers have a special trick to make apples, strawberries and other produce look fresh and delicious. This trick is simple: a deodorant spray or hairspray.

7 Mashed Potatoes Instead Of Ice Cream

Ice cream melts quickly under hot studio lights. Too quickly to photograph. Photographers replace it with colored mashed potatoes or a paste of starch, icing sugar, corn syrup, fat and other ingredients.

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That ice cream might not look so appetizing the next time you see in an advertisement!

8 Engine oil on pancakes to look like maple syrup

Advertising companies don’t have the time to work with maple syrup, because it is absorbed too quickly when it is poured on pancakes. To create the desired effect and make it last as long as possible, they replace its golden sweetness with engine oil.

9 Cardboard in cakes to make sure they don’t collapse

To keep cakes in their perfect shape and form, the trick is to slide a piece of cardboard between each layer of the cake, to keep it straight and to keep the layers even.

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