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3rd Friday of September is the special day for this tiny Mallorcan village.

Every year, the town of Binissalem completely shuts down for a yearly feast known as "Sopar a la Fresca." People from all over the island converge in this small town—best known for its incredible wine—to drink and be merry.

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which comes to coincide with the end of the harvest and with the summer, for that reason the town opens up to the visitors and guests, in an environment of joy.


Nearly 20,000 people participate in the communal meal—a huge turnout considering the town itself only has a population of approximately 8,000 people. The annual dinner is part of a larger event that happens every September, a huge wine festival called the ‘Festa des Vermar’.

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The people decorate their houses, take their tables to the street and each family goes out of their way to attend to their guests, be they friends, acquaintances, islanders or strangers in an exercise of generous hospitality. Some cook, others help set up while others decorate. It’s a communal event and people help out where they can. Apparently it’s also a tradition to eat noodles with lamb on this day.

The idea of this festival is just about sharing and socializing




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