Here is Why Jerk Chicken is The Real Taste of Jamaica

Jerk Chicken is a spicy dish from the native Jamaica that includes some or all of these ingredients: Allspice, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Scallions and fresh Thyme.

The term 'Jerk' originates from the Spanish word 'Charqui' (meaning 'dried meat') which, over time, evolved from 'Charqui', to 'Jerky', and finally to 'Jerk'. Jerk chicken is made by slow cooking. Though the slow-smoke method is an age-old Caribbean practice used to cure meat, here it is prepared by marinating or rubbing meats with the right seasonings and then slow grilling them over pimento wood.

Pimentia or pimento is a Spanish word for pepper and early European explorers mistook this for black pepper, so they called it pimento.

Barbecuing over a lattice of Pimento Wood probably similar to how the native Arawak indians did thousands of years ago.

Around the 1960s, Caribbean entrepreneurs seeking to recreate the smoked pit flavor in an easier, more portable method came up with a solution to cut oil barrels lengthwise and attach hinges, drilling several ventilation holes for the smoke.

Nowadays,Jerk huts are all over the Caribbean Islands.People uses Jerk Chicken Stand by cutting oil barrels.

Wanna try at home??? Here you go! Enjoy cooking!!