You're spending a lot of money without even thinking about it.

If you have ever been bothered by asking for your steak "well cooked" and being little adventurous, we have bad news for you. It's not that your sense of adventure is flawed, it 's just that it's very likely that you're spending too much money asking for your flesh that way.

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According to a discussion in the Reddit forum where professional chefs also participated, there are several reasons to prefer a slightly less cooked piece. Among them, the most important is that you really ruin the quality of the dish and at the same time you spend extra money.

1 You ruin the quality of the chosen cut

Each cut is designed to be better for something specific. Just as some are perfect to make the pot, there are others that serve to be roasted ... as long as the above is done with care. In general, according to these chefs, the steaks have been designed to be served semi-cooked.

2 In general there are few chefs who pay attention that the meat is fully cooked

According to Reddit, chefs in general are rarely concerned that the meat is extremely well cooked. The problem is that many believe that cooking it too much is the same as ruining it, so they do not pay much attention to their preparation process.

3 The meat gets hard

Cook it too dry almost completely, something that takes away its texture, juices and makes it very hard.

4 At the end of the day you are spending extra money

The steak dishes in general are expensive and if you want a piece damaged and ruined by too much heat and a cooking too long ... perhaps it is better to choose another dish and you prefer to eat your steak well cooked at home.

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This will save you a lot of money and give you the chance to try other things when you go out.

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