We are Sorry,Watermelons are Not Round Anymore

This is what you call out of the box thinking

Watermelon is fundamentally tasty, pretty affordable and readily available. It is the fruit that symbolize summer. Nothing better that a good watermelon to cool down and to quench one's thirst.

Yes, you’ve heard of Round shaped watermelons,and normally it doesn’t matter what shape the watermelon is, it’s what’s inside that matters. but how about square-shaped ones? and heart shaped one?.....

Let’s take a look at different shaped watermelons that can only be seen in Japan.


Square shaped:

A round shaped watermelon is not fit to store in fridges. So for more space efficiency japanese invented square shaped watermelon a few years ago

People give square shaped watermelon as gifts and play suikawari" which is like pinata. The price of this watermelon depends on its size, around ten bucks in Japan. .


Heart shaped:

After many years of research, Hiroichi Kimura, a farmer from Kumamoto Prefecture, has finally do it! an Heart shaped watermelon. But it was no easy task shaping the originally round fruits into the symbol of love.They are supposed to taste delicious, too.


Pyramid shaped:

A pyramid watermelon that's shaped like a pyramid. They've been around for a while (since 2004 or so), and start at around $500.

Apart from these varieties , we have some thing more interesting.


Dynamite watermelon:

As traditional round watermelons you find in Japan, a "dynamite watermelon" is made and is packaged to look like a bomb. It's priced at around $70.

Well, these watermelons cost a bit more than one shaped by Mother Nature. It’s a small price to pay for the ability to store it in your fridge, although I guess you could just cut up a normal watermelon and make it fit.