This America's Only Male Olympic Weightlifter is a Vegan

Where do vegan athletes get their protein? It may surprise many to know that you don’t have to be a meat eater to build a strong, lean, competitive body.

Two-time Olympian, Kendrick Farris, represented USA in London, Beijing and 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
Three time Olympics? That’s a pretty impressive stat itself. What’s better is that Farris is vegan.

Farris made the switch to a vegan diet after his son was born September 2014:
Farris recently set the USA 94kg weightlifting record, has placed top-10 in both his previous Olympic Games AND was the Pan-American champion in 2010.

Being the only weightlifter from the USA, Kendrick Farris will be flying the flag high for the vegan message, showing that anything is possible. He’s one of many athletes that prove we can get everything in abundance from plant based dinner plates.