For the average consumer's food packaging is not more than a necessary evil, to ensure that products remain intact until the time comes to use them to their destination. Packaging of the foods such as butter but some juice, are unlikely to be admired, but rather it will be quickly in the bin. However, designers have lately not give us so boring to deal with food and coming up with exciting and fantastically simple packaging.

1 Tea bags

2Drop-down tea bags

3Packaging for popcorn, which is revealed when it is ready

4Packing for spaghetti where each hole measures a portion for one person

5wooden wine packaging can be used to make a birdhouse

6 Container cookie turns into a bowl

7Another concept for the packaging of biscuits

8Here's a Jolly packaging jars of jam

9Glasses for juice

10 Cartons of milk changes color as the approaching expiration date

11 Packing for eggs

12 The most honest of chocolate packaging - on each portion is written, how many calories in it

13 Bottle of milk

14Packing for honey from beeswax, which can be used as a candle

15The cover can be folded for yogurt, and you get a spoon

16 With this package you will not lose a single drop of wine

17 Vino Loco (in translation - "crazy")

18Set of spices


20Packing sardines

21 Chocolates in the form of tubes of oil paint

22Pizza boxes, from which you can make the projector

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