The student told the world about his unusual vegetarian diet, which consists of 150 bananas a week.

Day of Dana Nash (Dane Nash) begins with a smoothie of 12 bananas, after which he throughout the day still eats 10 bananas.

The guy says that about 80% of the calories he receives from eating grass / fruit, yet the rest of the percent he basically gets from the daily intake of 1 kilogram of spinach. Nash says that such a diet is his special raw-vegan vegetarian diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables, which costs him about $ 210 a month. Despite the fact that nutritionists warn him that with such a diet he does not receive all the necessary nutrients, the guy continues to eat bananas, ignoring all their advice. Dane says, "This diet helped me a lot, because now I feel much better than ever, as I was able to take control of my health and life."


Dane, whose growth is 1 meter 85 centimeters and a weight of 79 kilos, became interested in veganism 2 years ago, in order to get rid of acne. "I became a vegetarian, then read about it a little more, I realized that the best diet is for people eating only raw fruits and vegetables," - he adds.


"All kinds of creatures eat raw food, but people for some reason began to prepare food, and this is actually not good for us." "The last five months or so, I was completely on a raw diet - except once or twice, when I ate rice."


Dane, who lives in Bristol, buys 4-5 18-kilogram boxes of bananas every month. His morning smoothies also consist, in addition to bananas, also with 200-250 grams of spinach. Sometimes in his drink he adds spirulina, which, he claims, contain almost all the nutrients most necessary for the body and consist of 60 percent protein. He does not ignore his attention and other gifts of nature, eagerly eating berries, pears and oranges. His usual dinner consists of a "huge" portion of salad, consisting of two bunches of lettuce and various other greens and fruits, which are complemented by avocados. All this gives him a total of about 3000 calories a day.


"You can eat as much as you want until you feel that you are full," says Dane. He also says that it is desirable to have bananas ripe. - It is desirable that they be yellow with brown impregnations. Outwardly, they should resemble those that have already begun to rot. It's then that they are very soft and sweet. " His diet is still saturated with vitamin B12 - usually it can be found in most meat and dairy products - as well as flax seeds and vitamin D, to provide the body with omega-fatty acids.


In addition to a strict diet, Dane regularly tries to perform various physical exercises. In turn, Lucy Patterson, a nutritionist at the Southville Nutrition clinic in Bristol, claims that his diet lacks some of the basic nutrients: "He certainly eats a lot of bananas. But his diet lacks a few very important nutrients, especially proteins and fats, as well as micronutrients (especially fat-soluble nutrients) - their diversity is especially important. "


She continues: "His whole diet gives him a very large amount of carbohydrates - each banana contains about 27 grams of carbohydrates, that is, on the day he gets about 567 grams. This can lead to a deficiency in blood glucose, which, in the future, may lead to a pre-diabetes condition. Not including in your diet any animal food or really plant elements, he risks, because of a lack of vitamins A, D, E and K, get fat-soluble hypovitaminosis. " Also the woman tells that there are more healthy ways to adhere to the vegetarian diet, but, unfortunately, the guy does not particularly want to delve into this, as he considers his diet to be correct and useful.


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