We know that vlogging, especially food vlogging is so common now-a-days and we have quite a good number of vloggers all over the Youtube. So now you might be thinking what's so special about this random guy. Well this man and his vlogs stand out for one reason.

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Peyman Parham Al Awadhi is a true tea lover and he actually travels to places in search of the coolest place that provides some of the best quality kadak tea.

On the vlog, you will find information and inspiration for tea happiness.

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The new segment of his vlog called #ChroniclesOfKadak where he score every #Kadak he come across. you'll find one of the most selective and prestigious kadak tea list in the arab world. Check out some of his vlogs on kadak Tea where he review and score each of them.

Long Drive Song with Kadak | #ChroniclesOfKadak

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Infamous Saffron Tea | #ChroniclesOfKadak

Oldest Kadak Shop in Dubai | #ChroniclesOfKadak

Traditional Drive-Through | #ChroniclesOfKadak

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