We all know burgers as a piece of beef with some lettuce, tomatoes maybe some onions and mayo on the top, but here are some burgers which are most crazy and unusual. Let's visit the classic understanding of the burger.

1 Brain freeze

In Florida, the fair debuted gourmet burger. Hot cheeseburger with bacon, topped with ice cream, which is covered with crushed corn flakes, fried in deep fat.

2Name Ban, Ban James

Burger James Bond has a license. This luxury burger filled with eggs, garlic, quail eggs, octopus, and is covered with 24-carat gold.

3Beer and burger

Parisian artist Tomas Vayl and Kventin Vaysbuh devoted himself to the creation of fancy burgers. Including this beer and a burger. Bun prepared from malt, barley and hops.

4Burger with worms

Rentokill restaurant introduced a number of exotic snacks. Crickets, chocolate with ants and worms, cooked on the barbecue.

5Burger "Go Green"

This green burger tastes better than it sounds. Established in France, a fresh and stunning chicken burger made with wasabi cream cheese with green dye, cucumber, fresh mint and lime.

6 Premium Kuro Burger

Burger King hamburgers hit the fans when they made the world's first black burger in Japan. Burger consists of a black bun, black, cheese and special sauce "Noir".

7The world's largest cheeseburger

The largest cheeseburger was made casino Black Bear, Minnesota. Its weight is more than one ton, a diameter of 10 feet, and it contained 60 pounds of bacon, lettuce 50 pounds, 50 pounds of sliced ​​onion and 40 pounds of cheese.

8 1000 pieces of cheese burger

Burger King in Japan simply had to do it to get into the top 10 twice. The Burger King hamburger sold "Laden" from 1000 slices of cheese. A real monster!

9 Burger "fried brains"

This burger made from fried veal brains. recipe itself is originally from Ohio and is loved by many.

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