We all know that although pasta cooking is very simple, it takes the ability to calculate everything to perfection. The amount of water should be adequate for the grams of pasta that will be cooked, the water has to boil (do not try to cook them with lukewarm water), you must add just the right amount of salt and you DO NOT HAVE TO PUT IT OIL COOKING WATER. The latter has been emphasized by several very angry chefs who can not stand our little beginner mistakes.

However, it seems that Gordon Ramsay cares little about the rules and prefers to invent his own methods ... like this recipe to cook pasta perfectly.

According to Ramsay we have been cooking pasta the wrong way our whole life and that is why he wanted to share this recipe with us.

First you have to start with a large pot full of cold water ...

And add salt and olive oil

Because according to him by doing so the pasta does not stick (was not that all the chefs said that it was not necessary to do this?)

Put your pasta in the water and as it becomes soft, turn it to be under water

Try it and make sure it is soft but still firm.

Remove the water, add salt, pepper and a spoonful of olive oil

And to eat! According to Ramsay this is the best way to enjoy a simple pasta dish

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