Chopping Meat is an Art for This Ravishing Turkish Chef

Have you ever seen such a dashing butcher?

Dubai Restaurant owner and Chef Nusret Gokce meat chopping video is really getting viral. This tremendous meat chopping video has recieved six million views within a week.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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Turkish guy Nusret is the owner of the 'Nusre Et Steak House" restaurant in Four Season Resort ,Jumaira Beach, Dubai.

Another video of him sprinkling salt tweeted by American singer Bruno Mars was another viral hit.

This image was tweeted on January 9 and got more than 72,000 likes within 5 days.

Butcher and chef Nusret Gokce is hitting social media crazily with the way he chops meat, stripping off the last scrap of flesh with absolute finesse. Internet seems to be losing its calm over him (and his sensual videos!), some even say they are infatuated.


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He is a perfect blend of Style and Perfection

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