This new birthday cake is trending and The Japanese seems to enjoy it

A meatloaf like you had not imagined before.

We are accustomed to our typical birthday cake. A sweet cake with different creams and, often, with enough chocolate. Black Forest, Chocolate and Dulce de Leche, Raspberries and various other variations are the ones we can find when considering what to turn off the candles on the special day. However, they say that in the variety is the taste, and far from sweetness was born a new cake that is beginning to gain popularity in Japan.

Before many ideas begin to circulate in your mind, I tell you: raw meat. Yes, raw meat is the basis of a new type of cake that some Japanese restaurants are preparing to celebrate your birthday.

The Nikki Keeki was born in the yakiniku restaurants, specialized in roasts, serving the raw prey in the form of cake so that the people could sing and do the classic rite. Then they were unarmed and roasted at the same table.

So you can calm down the idea that they are made with meat and probably have icing and creams, as it is only a way to decorate and play with the concept before receiving your roast.

Would you encourage yourself to try one on your birthday?