This Pub Entirely dedicated to Super Mario is the Talk of the Town

There is a bar that promises to fans of Super Mario to enter the world of their favorite video game. Cocktails delicious and colorful décor are the masters in this place in Washington, the Cherry Blossom Bar, which will house up to 15 April next event dedicated to the popular character

Bright Stelline, mushrooms, carnivorous plants and bad ghosts are among the main attractions, but to leave open mouth are Mario and Luigi, special barman behind the counter

The names of the cocktails are all related to the video game that made history: " It's A Me, Amario ", " What Does not Kill You Makes You Smaller ", " The Call Yoshi !" And " King Koopa Cup ".

" We wanted to honor and pay tribute to Japan and one of the leading Japanese brands in history," said the owner of the restaurant, " we tried to create something that stupisse and it was also fun ."

And judging from the photos, they succeeded.