"Cakes are like books, there are new ones you want to read and old ones you want to reread" Here is a new cookbook for those fearless bakers about a fearless baker.

emcdowell is a must follow on instagram for anyone who is into baking. Owned by the new generation Baker Erin, her approach and unique style makes baking more approachable than ever. The TONS of photographs and informational line drawings in it will to get you inspired in the kitchen! Her Book, 'The Fearless baker' is so inspiring for all the young aspirants who wish to be fearless in the kitchen.

Erin’s fierce understanding of the science of baking makes her one of the most trustworthy bakers that I know. She is a wealth of knowledge who can explain in detail every different method of baking cake, why one method works better for a specific flavor than another, which components can be made ahead of time, and why shortening is sometimes the best way to go. But what’s even more special is that she does it all with the exact kind of friendliness and warmth that you want when you’re about to tackle laminated dough or French macarons for the first time.
— testimonial by Molly Yeh, Author, Blogger

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Image Source Instagram / emcdowell

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