Mealtime is one of the most important rituals around the world, as it is the time when millions of families gather to share food. But different cultures, religions and languages ​​make this occasion unique in each country.Below we present six table rules that , if you live in the American continent, will seem quite peculiar because it is not what is accustomed in the West.

1 Eating alone with the right hand

Countries like Africa,India and a few others in the Middle East, left-handed people suffer too much mealtime. In these places it is obligatory to eat only with the right hand, and the left is used only for less elegant tasks, for example personal hygiene

2 Leave Some Food

In China, leaving the dish clean or with no morona is interpreted as if they had not served you enough food, so you are giving your host that is a stingy and you feel uncomfortable. It is for this reason that the Chinese are quite generous when it comes to sharing food.

3 Noisy eating

In this country, the more noise made when eating noodles is better. The Japanese culture approves that the noodles must be sipped, as it helps to better appreciate the taste, to cool faster and is a sign of appreciation to the chef. So the more noise you make when sucking your noodles you'll be more educated.

4 No More Salt

In Portugal it is rude to ask for salt or pepper to spice up your dish. This means that you did not like the seasoning of the cook and that the food has no flavor.

5 Never Talk about Money

In France you better have enough money to eat in a restaurant, because it is in bad to divide the bill among the attendees. Also, for the French, money is not an issue that should be dealt with on the table and it is best not to argue for who will pay.

6 Buy the Drink

When out with friends, colleagues or relatives, it is customary for people to take turns buying rounds of drinks

7 Never Leave Your Chopstick In the Bowl

In Thailand, placing chopstick in an empty bowl can spoil a dinner conversation as the arrangement is the symbol of death

8 Arrive On Late

In Mexico, 30 minute late is considered being perfectly on time

9 Cut Lettuce in a salad. Fold it with a fork

Note for those who cut up their salad green with a knife. Germans do not like the habit of folding them with a fork.

10 Nothing Should be added in Vodka, Not Even Ice

In Russia, nothing not even ice should be mixed or otherwise come into contact with the beloved beverage.

11 Asking What Ingredient Are In The Food

It's common to ask the ingredients of a dish if we do not know the dish well. However doing that in zambia is akin to suggesting the cook is trying to serve you poison. as Zambia is a land of food allergies and intolerances

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