Carter Wilkerson is a very normal boy from Reno, the fourth largest city in the US-budget Nevada. As you can see from his Twitter biography, he is a lover of chicken nuggets.So he decides to write to Wendy's American fast food company to ask how many retweets he needs to get the fried pieces of chicken for a year in vain . Wendy's short answer: 18 million.

Puto Bumbong is one of the traditional Christmas foods in the Philippines. It’s sticky rice with a purple color. It’s served with butter or margarine and you can add coconut grains on top, mixed with sugar.

A number that is almost impossible to reach. The tweet with most of the Retweets is fromEllen DeGeneres . With the Oscar-Selfie of 2014, the talkmaster managed almost three million retweets . So how is an unknown boy from Nevada ever to reach 18 million? Carter took the whole thing with humor and wrote to the fast food giant: "as good as done."

He also wrote several major brands, such as Microsoft, Google, T-Mobile, and Apple, asking him to help him. These support him and tweeted under the Hashtag #NuggsforCarter .

Best of all, T-Mobile has offered him a year of nuggets when he changes his mobile contract.Within four days, he now has 2.2 million retweets . So there is still a lot to be done before Wendy's raises the nuggets. Hardworking with!

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