Hurricane Harvey hit Texas very hard. The city of Houston, one of the most populous in the United States, is covered by water: the inhabitants lost their home, and many were trapped, failing to escape on time. Aids have grown steadily, and even one of the fast-food chains is trying to do it.

PizzaHut began delivering pizza to the floodwaters using kayaks. The idea was Shayda Habib, the manager of the PizzaHut in Sugar Land, Texas, who wanted to do his part to help. She put her husband in labor and called six of his employees to prepare more than 100 pizzas and deliver them to the Texans who were locked in their homes without any chance of getting out.

The ideal means of transport was kayak: Habib managed to gather some, and he succeeded in his intent, making more than one family happy.

The initiative also had a huge success on social issues. Here are the reactions of Twitter users.

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