Good news for the party girls! You do not need to give up alcohol to lose weight

And here we tell you why.

We've heard it over and over again: if you want to lose weight you should leave the alcohol, and there is nothing you can do about it

Alcohol brings the famous empty calories, which only make you fat without providing any nutrients. Okay, we know. But apparently we have been deceived all these years.

A New York Times- supported study suggests that frequent alcohol use at a moderate or low level has no relevance to a woman's weight and measures , and may even be linked to weight loss.

HOW? Just like you read it. This, because people who consume reasonable amounts of alcohol, also tend to eat healthier and perform more exercise than people who take with insanity or even drink absolutely nothing.

This study still condemns taking more than one drink a day, because it is only moderate consumption that appears to be benign. In addition, it does not support their results in older adults or adolescents, because they have a higher percentage of fat and a greater possibility of being overweight with alcohol consumption.

So there you have it. Do not be afraid to drink a glass of wine or champagne in the week, since it will not make you go back up those kilos that you fought so hard to lose . Although if you are one of those who can not drink only a drink, perhaps abstention is your best choice.

Do you tend to drink more than one glass a day on average?

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