An Incredible Cake With 18 Different Flavors

Perhaps once in a life all of us were lost in the choice of confectionery - only because there are many and all of them are so delicious. Parisian confectioner managed to solve the problem of choosing the cake, offering customers 18 flavors at once in one dessert. A source of inspiration for him was a well-known puzzle game - The Rubik's Cube

Sweet masterpiece Cedric Groleta.

Confectioner Cedric Grolet presented his vision of the famous puzzle. Something entirely new, he did not invent, but certainly made the most delicious of all the puzzles.

Grolet made his sweet masterpiece in a Paris cafe Le Dalí. Sweet puzzle consists of 27 cubes-pastries.

These different golden cubes.

For those who cannot decide what kind of cake they have to order for a celebration, sweet Rubik's Cube will be a real salvation. Now all the cakes of cafe Le Dalí can be enjoyed in one sitting - a dozen flavors in a dessert.

Extravaganza of taste and color.

The unusual dessert design is is worth noting: each of the cakes, included in it - a work of art, decorated with coconut flakes, gold, marzipan and pistachio. i.e, 18 tastes in one cake.

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