9 incredible uses of coffee that you certainly did not know

Eliminating cellulite is one of them!

Without giving it more turns, we usually dump the remains of coffee that remain in our cups (or bowls, for those who need it a lot) ... or the few grains we do not use. But with the following insurance tips we will think twice before we get rid of it. Helping to keep us from falling asleep is just one of the benefits we can get from him.

The following nine secrets will be very useful and I assure you that you will not want to stop using them anymore.


Eliminate bad smell from refrigerators

Just leave a little for 2 or 3 days, you will get the best results.


Make cleaning your fireplace easier

Is there anything more uncomfortable than going inside to clean a fireplace? Dust and ash are the worst enemy, and putting some coffee before you start cleaning helps to gather dust, and the task will be a thousand times easier.


It gives style to your wood

Yes! Sounds strange but true. Applying a layer of coffee on a piece of wood will not hurt, but it will give a more rustic look ... coffee is fashionable.


Dissolve the fat

what!? Yes, that is definitely perfect. In your complicated pots, you only leave the coffee for a few minutes to absorb, and then, washing them will be eaten.


Melt snow and ice

For disasters that can leave the big snow on the doors of your house, or just to unfreeze your refrigerator, it is the best option. Incredible!


They also serve as natural freshener

We already know that it eliminates the bad odors, and can be decorated even with flowers so that your house looks good and smells good. Who does not enjoy the smell of a rich coffee?


Help your garden grow

The acidic properties of coffee are perfect to accelerate the growth process ... so if you like roses, nothing better than to put around your shrubs these remains.


Help reduce cellulite

A very hidden secret that we deserved to know. A simple practice, and anyway, more economical.


Elliminate pests

Say goodbye to insects, mice and even little animals that ruin your garden! They all hate the smell of coffee and just sprinkle it on your patio (which will not damage it at all) will make sure you do not see them any more.