9 Desserts To Spice Up Your Mouth

Are you a spice lover? Are you looking for a small hits both sweet and spicy flavour? For your truly happy moth, here are some spicy dessert recipes that will fire up your sweet buds.


Chocolate covered Habanero Peanut Brittle

For a sweet and spicy snack or dessert, grab a piece of this amped up chocolate-covered peanut brittle. The secret ingredient is habanero powder.

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Jalapeno Cheesecake Icecream

It's like frozen cheesecake, with candied jalapenos with a graham cracker swirl.

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Fudgy,Spicy Cinnamon Chile Brownie

A fudgy brownie with spicy ground cinnamon, kosher salt, aleppo chile and dark chocolates

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Spicy Chocolate Bark with Chipotle and Almonds

It is very beautiful to see and also tasty to eat.

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Mango Chili Popsicles

This easy to make Mexican-inspired Mango Chili Popsicle recipe is made with only 4 ingredients and makes a perfect healthy afternoon snack or dessert.

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White Chocolate Spice Cake

A recipe for a birthday layer cake: spice cake with white chocolate cream frosting.

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Pumpkin Spiced Cookies

This Pumpkin spiced cookies are cakey and spicy and pumpkinny. And it’s like a fall party in your mouth.

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Salted Chocolate Diablo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

These incredible little ice cream sandwiches are Super rich, super fudgy, super dense chocolate cookies sandwiching smooth vanilla ice cream.

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Butterscotch Pie with Curry Crust

The savory-sweet crust pairs harmoniously with the rich and creamy butterscotch filling. The whipped cream gives a little relief to the rather intense flavor and the toasted cashews give it an ever-so-pleasant crunch and nuttiness.

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