6 Foods That Can Darken Your Teeth

One is deceived who believes that the phenomenon of darkening of teeth is the exclusive condition of smokers or those who do not have the habit of brushing. Feeding is also a factor that interferes with the tone of the dentition.

When in contact with teeth with worn enamel, these chromogenic foodsstick together in porosity and have the power to change the color of the smile. To help you avoid this problem, we've listed the top 7 foods in this group:



Artificially colored candies , chewing gum and chocolates are great villains of white teeth. Try not to overdo it.



Tomato-based recipes (this includes ketchup), the wood sauce and the traditional soy sauce (shoyu) yellow the teeth. The more damaged and porous the tooth enamel is, the more the sauce will set.



Dark colored liquids are highly pigmented. Cola soft drinks, wine, coffee and artificially colored dark teas are great enemies of white teeth. The tip is to take this type of drink with straw to avoid contact with the dentition.



Even natural, the compounds responsible for the pigmentation of this food are capable of causing permanent damage to your smile.Avoid it, especially in the form of juice



Although healthy, both arugula and other dark leaves are very likely to cause dental browning. Are you investing in salad diet? Watch out for excesses!



As natural and delicious as it may be, excess corn can replicate the yellowing of your grains on your teeth. Eat in moderation.

Of course none of these foods have instant effect. The teeth only darken if the consumption of chromogens is excessive. The ideal is to perform the brushing up to 20 minutes after eating these foods so that the pigment does not penetrate the teeth. If this is not possible, a mouthwash with water will help reduce the impact.

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