Unlike other failiures, cooking failiure is something that bring a big laughter to everyone around. Admit it, many of us have gone through it. Here are 14 epic cooking failiures that will give you a definite laugh.

1Order a cake from us, they said. We know what we’re doing, they said.

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2I’m an artist. I see it this way.

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3SpongeBob is no longer a cake.

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4I called this masterpiece "Monday Morning."

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5I baked cookies. One huge crispy cookie.

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6At least I’ve got a perfect color match.

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7 Monsters, Inc.

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8 It was just the wrong variety of pears.

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9 I knew I should’ve simply eaten these M&M’s.

© thebakermama

10 Someone, please, talk my wife out of culinary contest participation.

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11 SOS!

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12 Nothing special. Just a blue...duck?

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13When you’re Santa Claus and you’re listening to the 100th child.

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