Consuming food without any animal or fish-based ingredients is becoming a difficult task for vegans due to the wide range of additives and components used in modern products. We take a look at some of the products that many believe are suitable for vegetarians but actually aren’t.

1 Sugar

Some of the sugar uses bleach so that the sugar gets it bright white colour, however, some also use bone char (made out of bones of animals). You may use unprocessed sugar or the brand that doesn’t use bone char.

2 Yoghurt

Many low-fat yoghurts use gelatin to create a creamier and richer texture. Gelatin is an additive that is made of up of animal skin, tissue and bones, so all vegetarians should check the label before buying into a new brand.

3 Gummy candies

Like the marshmallows, your favourite gummy candies are made from gelatin too.

4 Parmesan cheese

Animal rennet is considered an important ingredient for authentic parmesan cheese. This enzyme is derived from the stomachs of calves and lambs and is used to create curds and whey. Many cheeses were once made with rennet, but experts now claim that 95 per cent of American-made products use a vegetarian-friendly ingredient.

5 Chocolate

There are many brands of chocolate that use the coagulating enzyme rennet during the manufacturing process. Milk and white varieties of chocolate are more likely to contain this enzyme, so it is important to check before consumption. Cadbury’s actually tell consumers whether their products are veggie-friendly on labels.

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6 Figs

While figs are not meat based, they can contain insects as wasps often pollinate on them and then get stuck inside. However, you will not be able to see them as they are quickly converted to protein.

7 Chewing gum

Animal fat in the form of gelatine, stearic acid, glycerin and lanolin is used in many chewing gum brands. A statement by the Vegan Resource Group claims that these products often have an ingredient called gum base listed on the label, but this can cover up non-vegan-friendly components.

8 Cereals

As we just mentioned before, most marshmallows have gelatin in them, which means so do Lucky Charms. But they aren’t the only culprits in the cereal aisle. Surprisingly, Frosted Mini Wheats are also made with gelatin.

9 Soups and Sauces

Many soups and sauces that may be seemingly vegetarian, are often made with chicken stock, beef stock, or fish stock. Check the label or ask the chef for clarification if you’re unsure.

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10 Red sweets

E120 is a food colouring made from cochineals, insects belonging to the coccidae family. So, look out when you buy sweets, ice-cream or similar examples of bright red junk food.

11 Store bought breads

Water, flour and yeast? That’s not the whole story. In certain types of bread it is a common practice to add fats to the dough: oil or alternatively lard, butter or milk. Investigate further before grabbing a baguette from the bread counter.

12 Jell-O

You know what gelatin is, this probably makes sense that Jell-O wouldn’t be animal-free.

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