There are meals that can make your stomach feel bad. And of course bacteria and viruses that when they are in our body make it feel from weird to horrible. But luckily, there are also foods that are your allies when you feel bad stomach, and that will help you recover in those uncomfortable moments. This list we have collected will make you feel better.

1 Bananas

Bananas have potassium, which is perfect to mitigate the effects of vomiting and diarrhea.

2 Rice

The white rice is easy to digest and helps to strengthen the lining of your stomach.

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3 Toasts

The white toast are also very easy to digest.

4 Ginger

It is almost magical as it relieves nausea.

5 Potatoes

Baked potatoes have potassium and calms the stomach.

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6 Oats

Simple oats are very good for relieving dizziness and nausea, as well as reducing diarrhea.

7 Crackers

They are so good that they are even recommended to pregnant women with problems in the morning. Of course, people with high cholesterol should look for another alternative.

8 Coconut water

Not only does it have potassium, but it is also high in electrolytes that will help restore your hydration levels after diarrhea and other discomforts.

9 Papayas

Papayas contain papain, which helps with digestion. They are also good for constipation.

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10 Apple

For constipation, eating apples in shell is a big help.

and finally

11 Water

Water is very important to get the toxins out of your body.

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