How Can You Turn a Demonic black Dress into a Shining Bridal wear?

This Amazing Technique take artistry to new heights

Sigalit Landau (born in Jerusalem, 1969, lives and works in Tel Aviv) is one of the most important Israeli artists working today. Her complex works touch on a number of social, humanitarian, and ecological issues

She achieves this through a diverse range of materials such as salt, sugar, sand, bronze, marble, and ready-made objects.

For her latest project Salt Bride this Israeli artist did something strange and interesting. She transformed a 1920s-style black gown into a shimmering, salt-covered piece of art. Know how? the gown had been submerged for two months. checking in every couple of weeks to capture eight photos of the dress’s transformation.

Sigalit Landau and Yotam From

The project was an eight-part photo series inspired by S. Ansky’s 1916 play titled Dybbuk. The play is about a young Hasidic woman who becomes possessed by the spirit of her dead lover, and Landau’s salt-encrusted gown is a replica of the one worn in the dramatic production of the 1920s.

Sigalit Landau/Marlborough Contemporary

And the finished product

(Picture: Matanya Tausig)

Heights of art, Isn't it?