6 Fashion Trends That You Should Stop In 2017

Fashion is more than just a designer's whim. Fashion is a reflection of a given time, socially, politically, economically, and artistically. The changing styles show just as much about history and the time period as any history book. It reflects on what people think, what they valued and how they lived.

Fashion is a statement, a way of living. Most of us are so keen in getting ourselves updated about the latest trends. Along with that having an idea about the outdated trends is also equally important. This list may help you.


Side Zippers

Menswear should be functional. Everything you wear should be for perfect. But could someone explain what are the zippers on the t-shirt for? Or the zippers on the sweaters on the sideboard? They really serve no purpose and it just doesn't look good.


Highly Distressed Clothing

If you want some distress clothing and a couple of carriers here and there That's fine but when you're wearing clothing that looks like it's falling apart and only one-forth there. I think we got a problem not only that for some reasonthe more holes in the more tears in the more it looks it's falling apart the price you can get.


Man's Bun

We have seen the man bun of 2014 and people for some reason are still wearing this thing. It's a trend if you want to do it, it's fine. But it's not a good versatile look. I think there are much more classic and versatile hairstyle that you can wear both casually and that suits a formal look such as a fade or a classic side part or athlete back.


Hard Part

We can still see people wearing the part and this means you ask your barber to shave a line into your head to give you a side part. There’s two reasons why I don’t think this is a good idea. One, it just looks too perfect, the great thing about a classic side part is that it doesn’t have to look perfect. Secondly, the maintenance involved with keeping that part, because you know that in 1-2 weeks you have to go back to the barber because once your hair grows in it just look unproportional and doesn’t look good.


Long Line T-shirt

Out of all 6, this is the least bad one sense that trend of longline t-shirt is casual by nature and understay but other than it's not just making you look proportionate. Keep in mind and make your torso look super long and your life looks super short and stumpy every time that trend just can't help to think what we have a generation are going to say when we have a generation are going to say when we look back to three years from now. How ridiculous that trend was?



The one we can't agree with is the “dressy” joggers. When you get classic casual trousers, what would be a suit pant or a chino and you turn them into a jogger. Like they say “ If it’s not broken, then why are you going to fix it?” the chino looks perfect as it is, the jeans looks perfect as there are, as well as trousers. Don’t turn them into joggers.

The summary? Just Stop using all these anymore