We should all feel comfortable with our bodies That's what's important. But at the same time, we want to "age" properly. Try to look the best we can. So when we see a woman who looks just amazing in a bikini ... and who is more than 50 year old You may feel envious.

1Liz Hurley


age: 52
Liz has admitted that her greatest technique is to go to sleep hungry . (What !, How do you end up a day like this?). And then she said good-bye to the ice cream, the wine, and eating until she was satisfied. She always keeps herself a little hungry.

2Cindy Crawford.


age: 51
Even at 51 , she does not leave her routine aside. Starts exercising at 8:00 am three times a week for 75 minutes. Lifting weights, doing push-ups and squats, and running up and down stairs. All that ends with a series of abs. So if she is your role model, you should start waking up at 7:00 a.m. and ready to get tired ... ah! And at least 80% of your meals should be healthy. that simply means junks ruled out!

3Halle Berry.


age: 50
Yes, you can see her abs checked. For that, the actress of 50 years follows a very strict diet, with only natural sugar (it is important to remember that Berry is diabetic). Bread no longer exists in her life and takes a lot of water and vegetable protein shakes. Not just that, half an hour of cardio daily ... no matter what, you can not skip it!

4Sharon Stone


The actress has confessed that she loves exercise and that every time she doessomething different . One of her secrets, for example, is lifting weights in the shower, using water as resistance, gives her more strength. She also goes to the gym and leaves no room for alcohol in her life.

5Courteney Cox


age: 52
She is 52 years old and what she does most is dance! 90 minutes of cardio routines with music ... but intense! that adds pilates, tennis, surfing, yoga, cycling, jogging ... and martial arts! She is taking turns doing these exercises five times a week, and she is a lover of spinach and broccoli.

6Demi Moore


It is that her Bulk Perspiration routine - where she Wear sweat-wicking clothes. Wear clothes that are not skin-tight to allow the heat to move away from the body - burns a thousand calories, and makes it look spectacular. But it's not so easy: Demi adds yoga and an organic diet . Also lots of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup (that combination is known as the Master Clan Diet).

7christie brinkley


Christie Brinkley is really a case out of this world. She is 63 years old and looks so radiant. She is a committed vegan and workout throughout the day. Try to do 100 pushups everyday , whenever she can. She follows a routine at home called Total Gym and does not stop ever ... she does leg lifts until she brushes her teeth.

8Elle Macpherson


Elle Macpherson - yes, Joey's dancer and roommate inFriends - explains that she has that figure at age 53 simply because of her addiction to the sport. Surfing, water skiing, stand up paddle and swimming. Try giving 45 minutes of your day to that. She also runs barefoot on the beach and follows the Alkaline diet , which seeks to reduce the acidity in the body. This accompanies with three liters of water a day and fruit smoothies.

None of their lifestyles are easy, but there is a lot to learn from.