To be successful, you must be perfect and look perfect—these are our society’s rules, which we all follow without even realizing how ridiculous the standards are. We often forget about the importance of inner beauty.
The series “Beauty Warriors” is collection of photographs featuring strange and unusual-looking beauty products. All the products were bought on Ebay, and most items were made in China. These products promise instant cures to almost all beauty problems; they fight “problem zones” and promise to cure problems without surgical intervention. Each item visually appeals to me and I tried to show the relationship between beauty product and model.

1 Anti-wrinkle mask

2 Nose Straightner

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3 Lip Plumper

4 Anti-double chin Bandage

5 Smile trainer

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6 Eyelid trainer

7 Face Slimmer

8 Eyebrow Stencil

9 Anti-sagging mask

10 Nose Shaper

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11 Facial tattoo measuring tool

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