An Iranian woman looks up to her Hollywood idol so much that she has had at least 50 surgeries to look exactly like her.

Sahar Tabar, 19 from Tehran has a dream: she wants to look at all costs like actress Angelina Jolie. And for that she was ready to do anything.

In her quest to achieve this goal, she's not just cosplaying Jolie's Lara Croft character from Tomb Raider. She's reportedly undergone over 50 reconstructive surgeries and lost over 80 pounds.

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But would Angelina Jolie herself approve of these surgeries, considering her advocacy for women to make "healthy life choices?" It seems unlikely. Although she looks a bit like the actress, in a rather scary way.

On Instagram, Sahar has less than 40 posts, but almost 300,000 followers, which is pretty impressive. Maybe she was just after fame, and going viral with photos of her shocking transformation brought her happiness.

But in her enthusiasm to imitate her screen idol, many say she has turned herself into Tim Burton’s ‘Dead Bride’ cartoon character.

Sahar Tabar has been receiving a lot of negative reactions from her followers, most of them saying her transformation made her look frightening and zombie-like.

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Some have noted how she looked very sickly and pale, making people wonder whether her dream was actually healthy for her.

Trying to improve one’s look is okay. However, when the desire to change one’s self has detrimental effects to the person’s health, then that person may want to reconsider the methods they have employed and think about the repercussions that said methods might have in the future.

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