For the First time in the History of Saudi Arabia, A Women walked through the streets Half Naked

The woman,who is a model called "Khulood", shared the clip of her walking around a historic fort in Ushayqir (a historic village located in the Najd province — which is known to be one of the most conservative parts of the country) wearing a miniskirt.

It would have been a normal thing if it was in US, Europe or even in some other gulf countries like Dubai. But we are talking about Saudi Arabia.

Saudi arabia as we all know is an islamic nation and the authority is very particular about women's dressing. Women are entitiled to wear modest dresses. I know the definition for modest when it comes to dressing may vary from person to person or from culture to culture.

In saudi, Women must wear loose-fitting, full-length robes known as "abayas" in public, as well as a headscarf. They are also banned from driving and are separated from unrelated men. It is in this context our protagonist Khulood shared a snapchat video of her walking through on of the most religious palces in Saudi Arabia.

The video is getting viral like hell and majority of the people on social media criticise the model for her religious intolerance while some others appreciate her for the brave act. Her supporters are questioning whether the Trump ladies will be punished for not wearing a Burkha when they visitied Saudi last time.

The Saudi Goverment has ordered for investigation and the Police are given instuction to take action against the Model.

Here is the Viral Video :

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